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Angel Hero

Dazzled by open-hearted Hawaii firefighter Vic Lazzarini, dispatcher Lizbeth is puzzled by his friendship with Jaku Cardoza, a little man who thinks he’s something big. Liz shakes like a palm frond in the trade winds when Jaku corners her in the alarm room and pummels her with sadistic stories. Gentlemanly Vic couldn’t be more different, and she dreams of romance with this Prince Charming she’s found after too many frogs.

2016-09-13T00:45:03+00:00 Crime|0 Comments


“The L Word” meets “Kramer vs Kramer.” When Wendy meets Windy they quickly fall for each other, despite Wendy’s plans for a baby. But when Windy reveals herself to be a deadbeat, Wendy breaks it off, only to be horrified to find Windy has filed for custody of Wendy’s own daughter to fatal effect…

2016-10-21T19:34:34+00:00 LGBT, Staff Pick|0 Comments