by Mark Prewitt

Family fortunes of paper money, gold & silver coins, silver plate, jewels and jewelry; train robberies, stagecoach robberies, gold nuggets and gold dust from labors in the goldfields, bars of gold & silver and more. Large and small, caches have been buried in the ground, hidden in caves, or otherwise concealed to keep the valuables from the hands of those to whom it did not belong (or from whom they did belong). In this first volume, the author has recounted fifty stories of people who hid their wealth to keep it safe, only to lose the hoard because of death, distance, failing memory or changing landscape. Fifty one maps and 44 aerial photographs accompany the stories. The author also provides sound tips, techniques, and procedures on research, ground reconnaissance, ground search, and recovery. Whether you are a part time treasure seeker, full time treasure hunter, or professional armchair adventurer, this book will entertain and inform, and perhaps lead you to the discovery of a long lost pot of gold cached long ago.


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    • Publisher: The Rocker Box Publishing
    • Publication Date: 07/01/2016
    • ISBN-13: 978-0997435702
    • ISBN-10: 0997435704
    • Trailer Producer/Production Company: The Rocker Box Publishing
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