Chase and Charlie

///Chase and Charlie

Chase and Charlie

by Jessica A. Scott

Charlie loves Chase. He’s not just her brother, he’s her best friend. He’s her confidant, her moral compass, her partner in quirky movie fandom: he’s everything she wishes she could be…until he gets framed for murder. When a man is killed and Chase is left holding the murder weapon, he’s deemed “criminally insane” and sent to the ominous Gray’s Institute of Mental Health. Desperate for answers, Charlie infiltrates the asylum with the help of a kind young custodian and soon discovers that nothing—and no one—is as it seems. Armed with nothing but her wits, her guts, and her unflagging loyalty, Charlie must fight her way through a nightmarish maze of lies and manipulation to expose, not just the truth about her brother, but a much darker, much more sinister truth about the crime he didn’t commit, and the institution that has no right to hold him.


  • Additional Book Details

    • Publication Date: 12/28/2016
    • ISBN-13: 978-0998260624
    • ISBN-10: 0998260622
    • Trailer Producer/Production Company: Jessica A. Scott
    • Website:
    Chase and Charlie

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