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Holy Roman Empire: Battle of Krakow

An introductory novel of a book series project created by a group of artists hailing from the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. The Holy Roman Empire series is an amalgamation of Historical Fiction and Historical Fantasy, set in our world’s medieval times. Battle of Krakow begins this colossus through the undertaking of a war between the titular Holy Roman Empire and their eastern, closest neighbour – the Kingdom of Poland.

  • : Denis Habulinec
  • : 05/12/2017
  • : 978-80-260-6012-3
  • : https://youtu.be/wQ2idb44bzA
  • : denis.habulinec@gmail.com
  • : Jan Cechl

Enki: Queen of Vengeance (Ancient Aliens) (Volume 2)

Her name is Inanna. Spoiled granddaughter of King Anu of the planet Arra, she is more obsessed with being a queen on Earth than in saving Arra from a disaster set in motion by her malicious father, Morgoth. The feud between the Arkonian Morgoth and his Arran half-brother Eä, a deadly struggle for Anu’s throne that began on Arra, continues after they arrive on Earth. Promising to unite the feuding clans, Inanna marries Eä’s son, Dumuzi, but her marriage is only a ruse to become queen. In the fierce battle of political brinksmanship that pushes both brothers toward war, Dumuzi is killed. She blames Eä’s oldest son, Marduk. Inanna grieves, but not for Dumuzi. She mourns losing her one chance to be a queen. (…more)

  • : V. R. R. Richards
  • : Createspace
  • : 08/05/2016
  • : 1535123427
  • : 978-1535123426
  • : B01I4PSSWY
  • : https://youtu.be/n7xU1hEBdcE
  • : vrich810@gmail.com
  • : Fiverr.com/nreluctant
  • : https://www.fiverr.com/nreluctant
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Defender of the Faithful

Book 3 in the Defender of England Series!

The rebellion to remove King Henry II, from the throne of England has been crushed. The perpetrators have either been imprisoned, or have all met untimely ends. Henry’s forces have done such a thorough job of rooting out the dissidents, that England seems to truly be at peace.
Appearances can be deceiving. When hostilities are bottled up, they find new avenues of release, and bring forth something Lord James has never had to deal with before when a mutilated body is discovered in his quiet town of Loxley. Facing a foe on an open battlefield is a far cry from finding a monster hiding in the shadows, or worse, the madman who walks among them.
It is medieval murder most foul, and James must wrestle with his conscience over what is the truth and what is justice.

Ours, Yours and Mines

Set in the miners’ rows of Scotland, it tells the story of the families who lived in cramped conditions in two-room houses, the men who slaved away in dangerous conditions underground, and the women who made do with what they could, and watched their children suffer.

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Middle East Affairs: War Adventures of Zahos Hadjifotiou in Tobruk, El Alamein and Rimini

“A World War II veteran recounts firsthand horrors on bloody battlefields and passionate liaisons in Middle Eastern nightclubs as a Grecian soldier.

Hadjifotiou’s (Games of Passion in Mykonos, 2015) life was interrupted by war, with Mussolini’s invasion of Greece spurring him to leave home and join the fight against the Axis powers. He enlisted in the British army and found himself in the port city of Tobruk, Libya. Here, he was one of history’s famous “Desert Rats”—men who spent eight months of hell under siege by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel’s troops: “Thirty-five thousand wounded and several thousand dead.” Hadjifotiou’s reputation as one of Tobruk’s heroes afforded him numerous promotions and military decorations. He was eventually assigned to pilot a crane named “Mac” to salvage Allied vehicles and save trapped soldiers. Between the siege and battles against German forces in both El Alamein, Egypt, and Rimini, Italy, he spent many of his nights with fellow soldiers acting out in the urbane nightclubs of Egypt, and later Beirut, seeking pleasure and luxury with alcohol and women. The author recalls his wartime adventures with a dry romanticism, never shying away from his experiences, be they vodka-fueled nights or hand-to-hand combat on the battlefield. Hadjifotiou is short-tempered and apolitical, prone to nostalgia in unexpected ways—the soldier recalls his crane with more sentimentality than his whirlwind marriage to a French general’s daughter. When reunited with his lost love, Yuki Russell, a Jewish-American singer he met early in the war, his enthusiasm will likely seem shocking to some, as he seemed to have all but forgotten her before. There’s no sugarcoating these oddities, no rationalizations made for these arrogant or reckless turns any more than for the heroic ones. The closest the book comes to indemnifying the actions of any—from womanizing to looting—is to maintain that those who were not there cannot know. The autobiography is remarkably concise, perhaps to its detriment—it’s unlikely readers will feel transported to nightclubs or war zones with its minimalist approach.

A pithy and unapologetic memoir, as much about the good times of war as the bad.”

— Kirkus Reviews

August 19, 2016

  • : Zahos Hadjifotiou
  • : Stergiou Limited
  • : 08/20/16
  • : 1910370827
  • : 9781910370827
  • : B01KR73B4C
  • : https://youtu.be/xSVIgehGWNE
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The story of a young Jewish girl before, during, and after the Holocaust. Inspired by a true story of survival.

Naupaka Blooming

What if an ancient Hawaiian myth was based on a tragedy that actually happened? To YOU?

Liz gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to move to Hawaii and hopes for a fresh start in the land of her ancestors. As she settles in with new friends and new adventures she starts having vivid dreams of what seems to be a prior life. Will Liz be able to move beyond past mistakes to find the love that she has always longed for? Or is she doomed to the same fate as the ancient lovers whose tragedy set off the myth of the naupaka flower?

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The Strange Birth, Short Life, and Sudden Death of Justice Girl

The golden age of live television comes to vivid life with the memorable and entertaining tale of Jonny Dirby, who unintentionally captivates the imagination of America with his creation of the hit show Justice Girl. This fun, engrossing work of historical fiction transports readers back to a time when television shows were chaotic tightrope acts balancing the agendas of actors, studio executives, advertisers, and politicians, and all of it broadcast live to fifty million viewers without the security of a safety net. Set in 1955 in New York City, Julian David Stone’s impressive novel follows Jonny from the writers’ room of a steady network gig to a crisis of conscience when he decides to abandon his regular paycheck to claim the moral high ground against the spreading plague of McCarthyism. In a final act of defiance, Jonny alters the script of a Superman-inspired lampoon moments before it is broadcast live. What nobody can anticipate is that Jonny’s accidental creation Justice Girl and her infectious catchphrase of “Justice is served!” are about to sweep the nation and win the hearts and minds of America. Add to the mix a highly driven actress trying to get Jonny blacklisted, along with a desperate network president willing to do anything he can to get compete control of the show, and the history of television will never be the same. The Strange Birth, Short Life, and Sudden Death of Justice Girl moves beyond the gags and gaffes of television’s golden age to plumb the depths of the media’s broader influence. Anyone interested in this time when television was a new phenomenon, with different factions fighting to use it to promote their varied agendas, will enjoy this riveting novel. Stone is an award-winning writer and director whose twenty years in the entertainment business informs his work with an insider’s perspective.

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Geeks & Greeks

== STORY ==
Geeks & Greeks is Good Will Hunting meets Animal House in graphic novel format. In this high-tech battle royale two of MIT’s smartest students square off in an escalating war of pranks and egos. Jim Walden is an underachieving freshman with a knack for mischief and a secret that could end his career before it begins. Luke Bardolf is a gruff alpha-nerd senior on a mission to pull the ultimate prank and maintain dominance over his fraternity. When their rivalry comes to a head, it will take all of Jim’s creativity and resourcefulness to save his scholarship, his friendships, his girlfriend, and his dream of becoming an astronaut.


Geeks & Greeks was written by humorist Steve Altes and is based on MIT’s world-famous hacking culture and real-life hazing incidents Altes witnessed as an MIT student. At MIT a hack is a clever, humorous, technically sophisticated prank, such as building a life-size campus police car replica atop the Institute’s 150-foot-high “Great Dome” under the cover of night.

This extensively researched 184-page coming-of-age story includes over 100 endnotes providing colorful background details on true aspects of the story as well as revealing numerous Easter eggs which will delight readers of all stripes. These endnotes divulge the many scientific, literary, and pop cultural allusions the creators have embedded in the graphic novel.


A Powerful Novelization from Bestselling Author Angela Hunt

Epic in scope, yet deeply personal, this novelization offers a unique perspective on the story of the resurrection. Roman Tribune Clavius is assigned by Pilate to keep the radical followers of the recently executed Yeshua from stealing the body and inciting revolution. When the body goes missing despite his precautions, Clavius must hunt it down.

His investigation leads him from the halls of Herod Antipas to the Garden of Gethsemane and brings him in touch with believer and doubter alike. But as the body still remains missing, Clavius commits to a quest for the truth–and answers that will not only shake his life but echo throughout all of history.

  • : Angela Hunt
  • : Bethany House Publishers
  • : 12/29/2015
  • : 076421845X
  • : 978-0764218453
  • : B01A5WKUWK
  • : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZx76hkVkdQ
  • : brittany.higdon@bethanyhouse.com
  • : Sony Pictures

The Edge of Nowhere

The year is 1992 and Victoria Hastings Harrison Greene—reviled matriarch of a sprawling family—is dying.

After surviving the Oklahoma Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, Victoria refuses to leave this earth before revealing the secrets she’s carried for decades.
Once the child of a loving family during peaceful times, a shocking death shattered her life. Victoria came face to face with the harshness of the world. As the warm days of childhood receded to distant memory, Victoria learns to survive.

No matter what it takes.

To keep her family alive in an Oklahoma blighted by dust storms and poverty, Victoria makes choices—harsh ones, desperate ones. Ones that eventually made her into the woman her grandchildren fear and whisper about. Ones that kept them all alive. Hers is a tale of tragedy, love, murder, and above all, the conviction to never stop fighting.

Dreaming of America

In 1905, Clara left her husband, Walter, in Accrington, Lancashire, and sailed off to Philadelphia in America with her lover, George, and her youngest daughter, Jenny, with them. She left behind seven other children, aged between 7 and 21.

Why did she go? Did she ever regret it? How did Jenny cope with being an only child in a strange country. What happened to the family left behind.

Dreaming of America puts flesh on the dry bones provided by historical records. It becomes a story to read and enjoy, maybe even an explanation of those events over a hundred years ago.

  • : Glenis Stott
  • : Strathis Press
  • : 11/16/2015
  • : 0993353800
  • : 9780993353802
  • : B015XXUNAA
  • : https://youtu.be/S5iFGLPUANQ
  • : glenisstott154@gmail.com
  • : Glenis Stott
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Storm over Savournon

Alain’s dreams could only come true if his world was turned upside down. With the Revolution, everything seemed possible. But he gains his love, only to fear that he is losing her: first to the Revolution, and then because of it.

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Defender of the North

England, 1174 a.d. It has been two years since James Hoade married the love of his life and became the Lord of Loxley. He and Lady Elena have had a son and his new life is just starting to feel normal.

But much of England’s nobility is incensed that this upstart is now supposed to be considered their equal and the time has come for them to show him his true place in the world. James is ordered to head north and stop Scotland’s King William from reclaiming Northumberland.

Defender of the North is the sequel to the popular medieval novel, Defender of the Realm. In an age of castles and knights, James Hoade must, once again, prove himself worthy. Join James as the adventure of a lifetime continues!

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Defender of the Realm

A sweeping medieval adventure! The castle-town of Dansford is poised on the edge of the Welsh frontier in 12th century England. During a daring night attack, a simple merchant inadvertently becomes a hero and is taken on a journey of self-discovery to find the courage within him that he never knew he possessed. With new friends and a mistaken identity he is thrust into a world of nobility and manners where one wrong slip of the tongue could be the death of him. Defender Of The Realm is an exciting and often humorous ride through England of old that breaks down the social barriers of class distinction by examining what truly makes one noble.

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Painter’s Daughter

Sophie Dupont assists her father in his studio, keeping her own artwork out of sight. In private, she paints the picturesque north Devon coast, popular with artists–including handsome Wesley Overtree, who seems more interested in Sophie than the landscape.

Captain Stephen Overtree is accustomed to taking on his brother Wesley’s responsibilities. Near the end of his leave, he is sent to find his brother and bring him home. Upon reaching Devonshire, however, Stephen is stunned to learn Wesley has sailed for Italy and left his host’s daughter in serious trouble.

Stephen feels duty-bound to act, and strangely protective of the young lady, who somehow seems familiar. Wanting to make some recompense for his own past failings as well as his brother’s, Stephen proposes to Miss Dupont. He does not offer love, but marriage “in name only” to save her from scandal. If he dies in battle, as he fears, she will at least be a respectable widow.

Desperate for a way to escape her predicament, Sophie finds herself torn between her first love and this brooding man she barely knows. Dare she wait for Wesley to return? Or should she elope with the captain and pray she doesn’t come to regret it?


  • : Julie Klassen
  • : Bethany House Publisher
  • : 12/01/2015
  • : 9780764210723
  • : 978-0764210723
  • : 9781441228802
  • : https://youtu.be/zh22iBz1Fxs
  • : Brittany.Higdon@bethanyhouse.com
  • : Bethany House Publishers
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The Memory Painter

What if there was a drug that could help you remember past lives?

What if the lives you remembered could lead you to your one true love?

What if you learned that, for thousands of years, a deadly enemy had conspired to keep the two of you apart?

Bryan Pierce is an internationally famous artist whose paintings have dazzled the world. But there’s a secret to his success: Every canvas is inspired by an unusually vivid dream. All his life, he has wondered if his dreams are recollections, if he is re-experiencing other people’s lives.
Linz Jacobs is a brilliant neurogeneticist, absorbed in decoding the genes that help the brain make memories, until she is confronted with an exact rendering of a recurring nightmare at one of Bryan’s shows. She tracks down the elusive artist, and their meeting triggers Bryan’s most powerful dream yet: visions of a team of scientists who, on the verge of discovering a cure for Alzheimer’s, died in a lab explosion decades ago.
As Bryan becomes obsessed with the mysterious circumstances surrounding the scientists’ deaths, his dreams begin to reveal what happened at the lab, as well as a deeper mystery that may lead all the way to ancient Egypt.
A taut thriller and a timeless love story spanning six continents and 10,000 years of history.

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Their world was one of punishment, power and privilege. It was a world of war, secrets and sacred duty. It was the world of ancient Rome. And the esteemed Vestal Virgins – priestesses of Vesta, goddess of the home and hearth – protected the Eternal Flame that protected the Eternal City. Dedicated to a thirty-year vow of chaste service, Priestess Pomponia finds herself swept up in the intrigue, violence and bedroom politics of Rome’s elite: Julius Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra, Octavian and his maneuvering wife Livia, all the while guarding the secret affection she has in her heart. But when a charge of incestum – a broken vow of chastity – is made against the Vestal order, the ultimate punishment looms: death, by being buried alive in the Evil Field. In BRIDES OF ROME, Debra May Macleod has re-created the world of ancient Rome with all its brutality and brilliance, all its rich history and even richer legend. A true page-turner that is as smart as it is compelling, this must-read novel brings the Vestal order to life like never before.

  • : Debra May Macleod
  • : 08/06/2015
  • : 1514831686
  • : 978-1514831687
  • : B013KC1UDU
  • : https://youtu.be/ozdMuWSSqr4
  • : dm2@telusplanet.net
  • : Scott Macleod
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