The Cosmopolitan Islander

What if life as you know it was turned upside down? Would you still be the same person?
When Chloe is forced to leave behind her cosmopolitan life in London to move to a small island in the Irish Sea, she is faced with a myriad of challenges. How will she and her family adapt to island life? Will she find new friends? What about her career? Most importantly, will the love of Chloe and her husband survive their amorous adventures?
Join Chloe on her journey through her past and her present to make sense of her life, herself, her hopes, and dreams amid her personal upheaval.
The Cosmopolitan Islander is a thrilling new novel about female roles and identity in the 21st century – and about how the journey of life can change your destination in the most unexpected way. It takes the reader from the Isle of Man and around the world, traversing the timeless themes of love, desire, family, friendship, power, and ambition.
The Cosmopolitan Islander is a must read for the modern woman – and man; for expats and others in cultural encounters; for islanders and globetrotters; and for anyone in-between.
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  • : M. P. Tonnesen
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  • : 11/17/15
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Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam move to Turkey

Just imagine the absurdity of two openly gay, recently ‘married’ middle aged, middle class men escaping the liberal sanctuary of anonymous London to relocate to a Muslim country.

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Endangered Edens: Exploring the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica, the Everglades ,and Puerto Rico

Six-time award-winning author Marty Essen merges the genres of wildlife photography, adventure travelogues, and environmental education into one unforgettable book. Through entertaining stories and 180 stunning color photographs, readers will experience nature’s Endangered Edens in a way few others have—all while laughing and learning along the way.

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Fourteen, A Daughter’s Memoir of Adventure, Sailing, and Survival

Leslie is fourteen in 1975 when she and her two teenage sisters batten down the hatches on their forty-five-foot sailboat to navigate from San Diego to French Polynesia—a difficult journey that also puts them at the mercy of the stormy temper of their abusive, larger-than-life Norwegian father and captain.

  • : Leslie Johansen Nack
  • : She Writes Press
  • : 10/20/2015
  • : 9781631529412
  • : 9781631529412
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  • : David L. Nack
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Budget Travel for the GENIUS

All about how to travel on a budget — where to go, how to get there, and what to do — as well as breakout chapters covering discount travel options for singles, couples, families, seniors and college students.

  • : Cynthia J. Drake
  • : For the GENIUS Press
  • : 02/20/2015
  • : 1941050174
  • : 978-1941050170
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Weekend Trails in the Western Cape (7th Edition)

The Western Cape boasts some of the world’s most beautiful walks, and Mike Lundy’s books remain the most popular books on hiking in and around Cape Town.

The walks in this classic collection have been carefully chosen because of particular points of interest like waterfalls, caves, unusual flora and spectacular viewpoints.

Every walk includes an accurate map, an easy-to-follow route description, information on the average hiking time, the availability of water and practical advice on mountain safety and weather conditions, all enhanced with historical anecdotes and notes on the local environment.

  • : Mike Lundy
  • : Tafelberg
  • : 09/01/2014
  • : 0-624-06955-9
  • : 9780624069553
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Where Bears Roam The Streets

In the summer of 2008, Jeff Parker went to Russia intending to write a book about the country’s resurgence as a major global superpower under President and then Prime Minister (and now president again) Vladimir Putin, and about the emergence, for maybe the first time in history, of a Russian middle class and the sacrifices that had to be made to get there. But Russia squirms under the pressure of any attempt to pin it down. In the midst of social and financial upheaval, the more Parker sought answers, the more the questions kept coming: What was Russia? How did it work? How did people live? How could they eat kholodetz (meat jelly)?

The four years at the heart of this book focus largely on the period between 2008 and 2012 and the revealing friendship Parker made with a young barkeep and draft dodger named Igor. The book became the story of Igor, as a metaphor for Russia, in crisis. While Igor is not a model Perestroika generation man nor some kind of Putin-era everyman, he is, like The Dude in The Big Lebowski, a man for his time and place. What Parker has created is the story of Igor as a refracting mirror for the story of Russia, told with intelligence, humour and no small amount of misadventure.

  • : Jeff Parker
  • : HarperCollins Canada
  • : 05/25/2014
  • : 1554683815
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The Last Island

A universal tale of escape, love and redemption.

A Boston fireman, in an attempt to flee personal and professional tragedy, accepts a job as a bartender on a Greek island. In an isolated cove, he meets Kerryn, an animal rights activist who believes dolphins possess consciousness, intelligence and souls. Kerryn enjoys an extraordinary and personal relationship with a dolphin and is waging a covert war to stop the local fishermen from using illegal nets that not only deplete the sea of fish but also take dolphins’ lives. The fireman is pulled into this conflict as his relationship with Kerryn deepens. But Kerryn’s passion and convictions lead her to make a fatal decision that changes the island and both their lives forever.

The novel’s emotional landscape and its themes of environmentalism, animal rights, and the costs of capitalism make The Last Island both timely and timeless.

  • : David Hogan
  • : Betimes Books
  • : 11/03/2013
  • : 0992655218
  • : B00GFQT5XG
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Out of Africa

In this book, the author of Seven Gothic Tales gives a true account of her life on her plantation in Kenya. She tells with classic simplicity of the ways of the country and the natives: of the beauty of the Ngong Hills and coffee trees in blossom: of her guests, from the Prince of Wales to Knudsen, the old charcoal burner, who visited her: of primitive festivals: of big game that were her near neighbors–lions, rhinos, elephants, zebras, buffaloes–and of Lulu, the little gazelle who came to live with her, unbelievably ladylike and beautiful.
The Random House colophon made its debut in February 1927 on the cover of a little pamphlet called “Announcement Number One.” Bennett Cerf and Donald Klopfer, the company’s founders, had acquired the Modern Library from publishers Boni and Liveright two years earlier. One day, their friend the illustrator Rockwell Kent stopped by their office. Cerf later recalled, “Rockwell was sitting at my desk facing Donald, and we were talking about doing a few books on the side, when suddenly I got an inspiration and said, ‘I’ve got the name for our publishing house. We just said we were go-ing to publish a few books on the side at random. Let’s call it Random House.’ Donald liked the idea, and Rockwell Kent said, ‘That’s a great name. I’ll draw your trademark.’ So, sitting at my desk, he took a piece of paper and in five minutes drew Random House, which has been our colophon ever since.” Throughout the years, the mission of Random House has remained consistent: to publish books of the highest quality, at random. We are proud to continue this tradition today.
This edition is set from the first American edition of 1937 and commemorates the seventy-fifth anniversary of Random House.

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