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The Happenstances at the Yellow County Community College a Couple of Semesters Later

It’s a couple of semesters after the fateful Tri-County Relay Race that changed everything for the crew from Yellow County, Maryland. Charlie is treading water at a dead-end job, uninspired as a writer once again, and taking classes at the Yellow County Community College. Roheed is a successful app developer on the west coast, but his relationship with his girlfriend Florence is on the rocks. Jonathan is the swim team coach at the community college. He’s not living at the Swim and Racquet Club anymore and he’s never looked back.

When Jonathan and his fiancée’s wedding weekend brings the gang back together it kicks off another series of happenstances that could mean the end of old relationships, the beginning of new friendships, and the bottling of miniature pirate ships (well except for that last one). A villain threatens the wedding and the gang has to rely on an old traitor, a new flame, and a forgotten family member to hopefully wed Jonathan and his betrothed, keep Roheed and Florence together, and maybe inspire Charlie to get off his bum and follow his dreams.

The citizens of Peter L. Harmon’s wonderfully weird fictional Maryland county are back in this essential, esoteric new chapter in The Happenstances… saga.

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The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern: A Complete History

A complete history of Toronto’s legendary Horseshoe Tavern, “the Birthplace of Canadian Rock,” to coincide with its seventieth anniversary.

Like the Queen Street strip that has been its home for seven decades, the Horseshoe Tavern continues to evolve. It remains as relevant today as it did when Jack Starr founded the country club on the site of a former blacksmith shop. From country and rockabilly to rock ‘n’ roll, punk, alt/country, and back to roots music, the venerable live music venue has evolved with the times and trends — always keeping pace with the music.

Over its seventy-year history, the Horseshoe has seen a flood of talent pass through. From Willie Nelson to Loretta Lynn, Stompin’ Tom Connors to the Band, and Bryan Adams to the Tragically Hip, the Horseshoe has attracted premier acts from all eras of music. In The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, David McPherson captures the turbulent life of the bar, and of Canadian rock.

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Outing the Mermaid: A Novel of Love, Fear & Misogyny

Outing the Mermaid: A Novel of Love, Fear & Misogyny is a journey through the 60s and 70s, civil rights, feminism, Vietnam, the Beatles, astrology, and New York City.

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Eternal Flame – A Rose of Anzio Story

16-year-old Julia Olsen’s world is falling apart. Her quarterback boyfriend broke up with her. Her family’s new home under renovation is a mess. Her high school counselor won’t stop harping on about her grades. A time-traveling WWII soldier crashing into her room is the last thing she needs.

In 1944, 18-year-old Edmond Ferris answered the draft and headed to war in France. A chance discovery brought him home to Chicago…in 1989! He’s back in his own room, except a strange girl is living in it. She drives a Japanese car and she listens to Milli Vanilli, a German band.

Is their encounter an error in time or a will of fate?

Find out in this timeless tale of two young people whose love for each other knows no bounds.

Sage Alexander and the Hall of Nightmares

The world is darker than it seems. Demons, vicious half-humans and evil creatures of myth and legend prowl the earth, unseen to human eyes but not to the eyes of 14-year-old Sage Alexander. Descended from humans and angels, Sage has the power to see and fight all these creatures, and in fact he must. The human race is in danger, controlled unknowingly by the Seven Princes of Hell, the seven deadly sins. Greed, Sloth, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Wrath and Pride all breathe their sin into weaker human ears and take those willing souls for their own, as they have for centuries. And now Mammon, Greed incarnate, has possessed Sage’s father and threatens to keep him forever. The Angelic Response Council, a committee of angels, archangels, guardians and half-angelic humans, has fought the forces of blackest evil for centuries, but their numbers are dwindling. There is prophecy of a gifted warrior, who will come in the Council’s darkest hour to bring about the demise of the fallen angels cast out from heaven and all of their nefarious descendants. His name will be Sage Alexander. Sage must face danger and death as he assembles a supernatural team and battles his way through time and Godspace in order to save his family from the grips of Greed. But he has an even bigger quest ahead of him. … This is only the beginning.

Barton Hollow

The slogan for Barton Hollow says the following: Welcome to Barton Hollow. One visit, and you’ll be simply dying to come back. I didn’t think it met literally. But Mom was always vague about her past, and now as I head to her hometown, I’m beginning to understand why. Hidden deep in the Montana mountains, the creepy old house my grandmother takes care of I can’t go into, I’ve received vague warnings from the mysterious, older guy lurking in the woods about werewolves, and then there’s the stranger in the house.
The one that’s watching, waiting for me to go inside. I know I’m not supposed to, but the longer I deny myself the trip to the Barton place, the more in the dark I feel I’ll stay. Of course, sometimes the dark might not be such a bad place to be, depending on what secrets the light shines.

The Guardians of Iceland and other Icelandic Folk Tales

These are the legends of Iceland. The stories were first told hundreds of years ago by the Vikings as they sat around the fires. They whispered of an ogre named Gryla who terrorized villagers from the Faroe Islands to Iceland. The Guardians of Iceland – four powerful creatures who have never been defeated: a dragon, an eagle, a bull, and a giant. The Lagarfljótsormur – a mysterious dragon-like creature known as the Monster Worm that has lived in Lake Lagarfljót for centuries. The Hidden Folk who live only in Iceland and are very powerful creatures that protect the land and punish those who harm it. Trolls of every shape and size roam the land. The stories of these and other legendary creature in Iceland are here for you to explore – if you are Viking enough.

  • : Heidi Herman
  • : Hekla Publishing
  • : 10/24/2016
  • : 1947233966
  • : 978-1-947233-96-6
  • : B01M3UN7OA
  • :
  • :
  • : xpressvideos
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The court case had been harrowing. The fifteen jurors sat in silence while the prosecution produced evidence of how a man with obsessive sado-masochistic fantasies had turned into a killer. Fourteen of the jurors were repulsed. One man was secretly enthralled. A new world of possibility had opened up for him.

When an actress is found dead, the ligature marks suggest that she had been involved in extreme sex games. When DIs Wheeler and Ross begin to investigate her death, they uncover not only an industry with varying degrees of regulation but also a sinister private club where some of Glasgow’s elite pay handsomely to indulge their darkest fantasies. Club security is run by Paul Furlan, ex-army veteran and a former adversary of Wheeler. As Wheeler and Ross uncover the secrets and lies surrounding the club, they realise that their investigation is being blocked not just by Furlan but by some of Glasgow’s most influential citizens.

Meanwhile Skye Cooper, Scotland’s latest indie-rock sensation is playing the final gig of his sell-out tour but his dreams of stardom are on a collision course with the obsession threatening to consume him . . .

Anne Randall’s first book in the Wheeler and Ross series, Riven, was written under the name A. J. McCreanor.

The Last Refuge

Iraq, 1991:Operation Desert Storm. In a terrible friendly fire incident, a U.S. helicopter massacres a small convoy of American MPs. Among the dead: a mysterious American civilian engineer discovered by the soldiers behind enemy lines.

San Diego, CA, 1993: A freelance journalist is hired to research a story about a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the dead engineer’s widow against the government and the defense contractor which employed him But the government insists there is no lawsuit, and the contractor claims the engineer did not work for them. And someone is willing to kill to keep it that way.

Peter Brandt, the war-scarred journalist from Empty Places, returns in this story of greed, betrayal, and government secrets. With federal agents, foreign spies,and shady covert operatives standing in his way, Peter discovers patriotism is often the last refuge for those whose motives are far from patriotic. Can Peter expose the truth without becoming another victim of the wartime tragedy?

“…a first class performance from a writer at the very top of his game…” (SHOTS Magazine)

EDEN: A Sci-Fi Novella

“If this is Paradise, how bad could Hell be?”

A sandstorm uncovers a long buried secret in the Iraqi desert, an ancient Sumerian temple dating back at least 6,000 years to the beginning of civilization. An American army patrol sent to investigate the ruins is trapped inside the temple’s eroded walls, first by an insurgent ambush then by another, even more powerful sandstorm. When an enemy mortar shell blasts an opening into a hidden burial chamber, Captain Adam Cadman and his soldiers take refuge deep in the ruins. What they find hidden inside threatens to destroy every belief about the beginnings of mankind–as well as modern civilization as we know it.

  • : Martin Roy Hill
  • : 32-32 North Publishing
  • : 11/15/14
  • : 1499201737
  • : 978-1499201734
  • : B00O5HYIQG
  • :
  • :
  • : Martin Roy Hill

In Between: the novel

Loan officer Roosevelt St. Vincent travels the globe as she unravels the secreted histories of the vampire community invisibly surrounding her. Follow her on the journey that confirms the existence of the paranormal which gives her the strength to accept someone else’s past, even as it alters her future.

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El Expediente McCarthy

Unas muertes en seres humanos in vitro son investigadas por Jonathan y Amanda, médicos de WHH de Chicago. Un avance científico con un final inesperado…
Hay sorpresas que hacen temblar a la humanidad…

Chicago, año 2028. El Dr. Jonathan Smith, médico especialista en medicina perinatal y embarazos de alto riesgo en el Women´s Healthcare Hospital, y la Dra. Amanda Roth, alumna y colaboradora del Dr. Smith, prometedora científica, investigan unas extrañas muertes en la UCI del centro hospitalario. Jonathan, siempre sospechó que las gestaciones por fecundación in vitro eran especiales. Ambos descubren una trama política, científica y económica que silenció a todos los críticos de las técnicas de reproducción asistida. Su compañero en el centro, el Dr. Jim McCarthy, ginecólogo especializado en fecundación in vitro desde los inicios de la técnica y pionero de esta en los EEUU, se ve involucrado en el origen de estas muertes.
La trama se resolverá hasta sus más íntimas consecuencias creando una de las mayores alarmas mundiales que se recordarán.

  • : Carlos N. López Ramón y Cajal
  • : Caligrama Editorial
  • : 04/05/2017
  • : 8491128743
  • : 978-8491128748
  • :
  • :
  • : Carlos N. López Ramón y Cajal

The Oklahomans: The Story of Oklahoma and Its People

The unforgettable saga of America’s last frontier-the Oklahoma Country. Never has the story of this great land and people been told like John J. Dwyer does it. Storybook, history book, coffee table book. Featuring the same colorful and readable format that has helped make his “The War Between the States: America’s Uncivil War” a success, “The Oklahomans (Volume 1, Ancient-Statehood),” chronicles the saga of the winning-and losing-of a land. Some of the most famous cowboys, Indians, lawmen, outlaws, and explorers in American history stride across the pages of this unforgettable story. So do some of the country’s greatest entrepreneurs, statesmen, Christian ministers, social pioneers, and athletes.

  • : John J. Dwyer
  • : Red River Press
  • : 11/15/2016
  • : 0985347023
  • : 978-0985347024
  • :
  • :
  • : Grant Hobbs
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Academic Betrayal

Fueled by a desire to become a teacher, Loren Mayshark entered Hunter College in 2008, with the intention of gaining a master’s degree in two years. Six years and tens of thousands of dollars later, he abandoned his studies without attaining the degree. This is the tale of one young man’s journey through the labyrinth of American higher education, stymied by haughty professors, an inept administration, and ridiculous policies. In the process, he nearly lost his desire for academic learning and his reverence for the educational system, and came close to losing his will to live.

As Loren Mayshark discovered, his experience was not unique. Across the United States, graduate students are increasingly finding themselves caught in a vortex of burgeoning loans, byzantine policies, and administrative lassitude. The casualties, as this book makes clear, are the next generation of American minds.

  • : Loren Mayshark
  • : Red Scorpion Press
  • : 04/27/2017
  • : 9780998576831
  • : B071XY8PCT
  • :
  • :
  • : Torrey Johnson
  • :
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The Wrath

A monster lurks in the storm.

In the mid 1800’s, a family takes refuge in an abandoned cabin deep in the woods as they travel south through the Canadian wilderness in search of a warmer life. Having lost their way, snowed in by a heavy storm and long out of food, a dark fever spreads among them.

The father, William, sinks to desperate measures in his effort to acquire meat and stay headstrong to his plan. The only one seeing through his madness is his superstitious daughter, Caitland. Her only possession is a book that has filled her head with tales of the supernatural powers of the forest.

Powers that seem to be growing all too real… and becoming hell bent on making sure the family doesn’t get through the storm alive.

I Am Martin Eisenstadt: One Man’s (wildly inappropriate) Adventures with the Last Republicans

“Number 3 book of the year!” – The Washington Monthly

“What’s consistently funny about the book is that for all that Martin Eisenstadt is an obvious parody, there is a striking similarity between his character and demeanor and those of many of the people you routinely encounter in green rooms and cocktail parties around Washington. This time, like the last time, the joke goes both ways. That’s why I intend it as real praise when I say that I Am Martin Eisenstadt is the best fake memoir of the campaign season.” ―Joshua Green, Atlantic Monthly

“Washington has no shortage of pundits who pretend to know what they’re talking about. But there’s a real dearth of pretend pundits–and even fewer who will talk about why they’re pretending in the first place.” ―Rick Klein, ABC News

“Laugh-out loud funny!” ―Byron C. Tau, Roll Call

In the days after the 2008 presidential election, we heard that Sarah Palin thought Africa was one big country. We heard that the leak came from Martin Eisenstadt, a McCain policy adviser. And then, within forty-eight hours, we heard that he was a fraud, a fake, and that Martin Eisenstadt didn’t exist.

Maybe he doesn’t. But in a world where “news” can spread like wildfire on the Internet and a hoax can tell you more about politics than the facts, Martin Eisenstadt―whose blog and think tank fooled the world―has something to tell us. With the savviness of Primary Colors and the playfulness of Forrest Gump, his book is a mix of political intrigue, campaign-trail escapades, and cyberspace detective work. From debate preparation with Sarah Palin to his mother’s basement (yes, he still lives at home), from Liberation of Iraq softball games to Saturday Night Live; from his campaign for casinos in the Green Zone to happy hour in Washington, we follow a neocon pundit on his travels. This is his version of the election campaign.

Martin Eisenstadt: Hoaxster? Hero? You decide.

  • : Martin Eisenstadt
  • : Farar, Strauss, Giroux
  • : 10/27/2009
  • : 0865479143
  • : 978-0865479142
  • : B005HY5ZK4
  • :
  • :
  • : Dan Mirvish/Harding Institute for Freedom and Democracy
  • :
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Dan Versus Nature

Shy and scrawny Dan Weekes spends his time creating graphic novels inspired by his dream girl and looking out for his mom as she dates every man in the state of California. Then his mom drops a bomb: she and her latest beau, Hank, are engaged, and she’s sending her “two favorite men” on a survivalist camping trip to “bond.” Determined to trick Hank into showing his true — flawed — colors on the trip, Dan and his nerdy germaphobe best friend, Charlie, prepare a series of increasingly gross and embarrassing pranks. But the boys hadn’t counted on a hot girl joining their trip or on getting separated from their wilderness guide—not to mention the humiliating injuries Dan suffers in the course of terrorizing his stepdad-to-be. With a man-hungry bear on their trail, no supplies, and a lot of unpleasant itching going on, can Dan see his plan through now that his very survival depends on Hank?

How Two: Have a Successful Relationship

Do you and your partner argue too much? Are you always fighting about who is right? Are you feeling estranged and distant? In How Two: Have a Successful Relationship, experts Phil and Maude share their process and their radically different approach to relating. They insist that conflict is not inevitable and that it is possible to have a passionate and peaceful relationship.

Phil and Maude share a simple step by step understanding that is easily accessible to everyone. Their strong desire to make their direct experience available to all couples shines through their writing and will renew your faith in what is possible and attainable. In these pages you will learn:

* How to find mutual solutions to decision making and problem solving
* How to remain an individual within the relationship
* How to break the vicious cycle of anger and recrimination
* How to avoid the pitfalls that create separation and estrangement
* How to keep that original loving connection to your partner

This book is a gem. It’s short, it’s practical, it’s based on real life experience. If you want to improve your relationship, this is the book for you.

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