The Inbetween

///The Inbetween

The Inbetween

by H.K. Thompson

When Drake and Lexi died, they woke up in the Inbetween. For twenty years, they’ve waited together in this magical world, where they’ve learned how to manifest almost anything they need with a thought. Once strangers and now lovers they long for the arrival of someone to explain why they inhabit this world alone.

When Zoe wakes up on their shores they are horrified to learn that her arrival heralds the death of this vivid and beautiful world. Faced with an overwhelming decision, Zoe must decide if love, despite its loss, is worth more to her than the peace promised by the Mistress of Lost Souls…before they all run out of time and become ghosts trapped in their own stories.


  • Additional Book Details

    • Publisher: Independently Published
    • Publication Date: 12/10/2015
    • ISBN-10: B0198RI6P6
    • Trailer Producer/Production Company: H.K. Thompson
    • Website:
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