The Jetsetters

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The Jetsetters

by David-Matthew Barnes

Justin Holt is a lonely barista living in Chicago. He spends his days in college and his evenings working at Clouds, a coffee shop owned by his lesbian boss and best friend, Starsky. When Diego Delgado, the hot Latin guitarist for the rock band The Jetsetters, wanders in for a cup of coffee, a spark is instantly ignited between the two young men. As The Jetsetters skyrocket from obscurity to superstardom, Justin fights with everything he has to make certain his new relationship survives, despite the chaos surrounding them. When the demands of instant fame and an unexpected tragedy take their toll on Diego and threaten his flourishing career, Justin is forced to make a difficult decision.


  • Additional Book Details

    • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
    • Publication Date: 18-Sep-12
    • ISBN-13: 978-1602827455
    • ISBN-10: 1602827451

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