Whisper Independence

Whisper Independence

by T.J. Patterson

A story of an overreaching government and how its leaders draw the support of unsuspecting citizens –wrapped up in a sci-fi/dystopian romance.
Adora is a fiercely independent young woman who learns she could be targeted by human-looking aliens whose government has detestable plans for humans like her. Genetically transformed Humiens who deceptively call themselves Guardians want to use people like Adora as test subjects to create a subservient, dependent population. Her only protection must come from Zane Hawkins, a similar being whose unnatural magnetism she can’t ignore. But she is reluctant to believe him and refuses to relinquish her freedom, even in order to save it.


  • Additional Book Details

    • Publisher: T.J. Patterson
    • Publication Date: 03/15/2014
    • ISBN-13: 9781310131202
    • ISBN-10: 81310131202
    • Trailer Producer/Production Company: TJ Patterson
    • Website: http://www.TJPatterson.wordpress.com

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